Current Players

Fierce & Filthy

Here is everything you might need as a current player. Let the board know if there is anything you feel should be added to this page so that all Flamingos know what's up.


Slack is a free app that will keep you up-to-date with news, events, schedules and more. This will be your best way to keep up with the social and athletic events we are having. All CIPPED team members should have this app, as it is a central location to find all team related information and events, but it is also open to non-players for public events like games and socials.
To get this App you need to download Slack onto your smart phone or computer. Your e-mail will be added manually to our chats. Please reach out to us via e-mail or in person at practice if you have trouble logging in.


Dues are the financial bedrock that we depend on to ensure we are financially stable and able to be forward thinking. Dues cover the current season of play, regardless of when during the season you join. 
We are a team dedicated to getting new and experienced people on the field and playing, regardless of finances. If you want to play but are unable to pay all or some of the dues, contact a member of the board and we will work with you. We want you on the team. Seriously.
Don’t forget, Dues don’t include the CIPP (Club & Individual Protection Policy) which is $76.50 paid directly to USA Rugby. This provides you with insurance protection if you’re injured (or injure someone else) related to your involvement in Rugby.

Per Season: $80
*Multiple smaller payment option available upon request
Pay Dues