Strut Your Stuff:
Baltimore Pride 2018
By: Alex San Nicolas

I quickly made my way to the Baltimore Museum of Art near Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus and Wyman Park Dell. I knew I was in the right place as I witnessed many Baltimoreans laughing and strutting their stuff in vibrant and rainbow-colored attire, clearly not trying to blend in with the dark green of the park and marble of the Grecian-styled Museum of Art. It was also easy to find our particular spot too for the Flamingos RFC – we were a wave of pink among an ocean of rainbows! 

We made our way down the incline North to South on Charles street, awash with cheers and smiles as happy onlookers were either impressed with our display, but for the most part Baltimoreans and onlookers alike roared with glee at our show! We played with our rugby balls and sashayed the streets rocking our pink socks and Flamingo paraphernalia. At times we had so much energy that we nearly tackled the contingency in front of us – but they were good sports and seemed to share in the gayness of today!​

It was fun marching with the team, as well as enjoying the company of the Chesapeake Women’s Rugby club! Come march with us next year! Don your brightest, pinkest attire and flock with the team as part of the parade contingency!
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