Practice Schedule
Additional Practice Directions

800 Bayard St, Baltimore, MD
Carroll Park Skatepark

Carroll Park is a large park. This is how to find us!

We practice directly behind the skate park building. If you enter "800 Bayard St" into your GPS, it should take you directly to that building.

We recommend checking our  Facebook page for practice updates, including cancellations, field changes and announcements for additional rugby events.
Every Tuesday & Thursday

Practice Information

Preparedness - What to Bring

Rugby is great and requires only a small amount of personal equipment.

We encourage you to come out and see what it is about before making a large investment in any of this gear. It’s best if you come out and enjoy yourself (even in sneakers!) and start loving the game before you invest in equipment/gear.

We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have during practice.
Make sure the items you have are durable:

Footwear: rugby boots or soccer cleats

Mouth Guard – without the strap

Athletic clothing that is season appropriate, layers are not a bad idea

Water, lots of it!